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Lake Effects Boat Club

Dont forget to Check in


Your upcoming reservations will be listed in yellow. On the day of your reservation, check-in using the green Pre Departure Button. Please document any existing damage (i.e. prop) in the text field and take a picture. If you don't see any damages....great! Either way, scroll down to the Customer Signature Required box, sign it, then click Save!

Once you sign and click SAVE, you will receive the confirmation in your email and a text confirmation that you are clear to depart.  Please do not do this before you arrive.. Since you are responsible for damage, we ask that you inspect the boat first.  You may take additional pics and notes if you wish.

You must sign before you depart where you will receive your check in email to keep with you on the boat! 

Need assistance? Shoot us a text 704.360.5177

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