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Thank you for choosing Lake Effects for your boating experience on Lake Norman!


During the current COVID-19 Shelter in Place orders for the State of North Carolina we ask that you adhere to the following boating rules:


  • During this time, boating on Lake Norman is limited to family and immediate household members only. NO GUESTS/FRIENDS ARE PERMITTED ON BOARDYou may be required to provide proof of this, if you are pulled over by officers on Lake Norman. 

  • Please have one person stop by our front desk to initiate checkin (located inside the building at Lake Effects).

  • We will be able to check in up to two rental customers at a time and will have no more than 5 people in the building at a time. Please have the rest of your family wait in the parking lot while you are checking in for you rental boat reservation.

  • Do not allow your group to go to the docks until after you have completed check in.

  • Please keep your distance from others at the dock and do not hang out in groups of more than 6 people.

  • Do not beach boats or tie boats up together. Gathering on islands is prohibited.

  • During this time, we ask that you bag all trash items and dispose in the near by trash receptacle.

  • Please lay out the life jackets that you use, on the seats of the boat, so that our team can thoroughly clean them when you return. 

  • At this time we are only accepting card payments in order to keep our processes as contact free as possible  


Thank you for your helping with these extra measures during this time to create a safe boating experience for all! Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Thank you for your cooperations and understanding during this time!

Lake Effects Team


  • Family/Immediate Household boating only.

  • One person check in at the front desk (only 5 people in the building at time).

  • Remove all trash and personal items from the boat.

  • Please lay out life jackets that were used on the seats for our team to sanitize.

  • No cash please.

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