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Tigé Woods | Tigé 25zx

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

tige go system lake norman

On order - Pics coming soon

We introduced Tigé boats into our platinum level in 2020. We chose tige surf boats for many reasons. The advanced perfromance of the raptor motor exceeds all other inboard motors in reliability and power. The user interface of the Tige clear system is easy and works flawlessly to produce the wave your looking for. Spending an hour trying to get a perfece wave is no longer the case. Choose our setting and hit GO!

Additional features of the tige include an incredible LED lighting package for the interior. Choose your color to set the mood. Bluetooth hookup is super easy and adjusting the levels to each area of your boat is handled with ease. You will enjoy diamond stitching, an on board heater and many other luxurious items inside this amazing boat club boat.

Members love the huge rear storage area where you can easily store more boards and equipment. Each tige comes standard with two size of broadcast boards. Always request a wakeboard if you choose.. there is plenty of room for all of your equipment and friends.

Max Capacity: 12 | Motor: 440 hp Raptor | Pets: Not Allowed

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