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  • Do I need a Boaters License?
    YES. You need a boaters license/education if you were born on or after Jan. 1, 1988, and will be operating a boat or PWC of 10 hp or more in North Carolina. You can visit to take this required course.
  • How many reservations can I book on one day?
    Platinum members are permitted to book up to 2 reservations per day. Gold and Silver members are permitted 1 reservation per day.
  • What are Member Etiquette requirements?
    We pride ourselves on providing a family friendly environment for all members to enjoy! Members are expected to represent Lake Effect Boat Club in a kind and respectful manner. Please be respectful of other club members, community members, as well as the marina facilities. Loud, rude, drunken, distructive, and/or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and is grounds for cancellation of membership. Please keep in mind that Members are responsible for their own behavior as well as the behavior of any guests who accompany them.
  • Can I reserve a boat and a jetski at the same time?
    Unfornately, due to insurance stipulations and higher occurance of accidents, club boats and jetskis can not go out at the same time.
  • How far in advance can I book a reservation?
    Our booking system allows you to book your reservations up to 45 days in advance.
  • How many active reservations can I have?
    You are permitted a number of active reservations based on your level of membership: Platinum: 4 active reservations at a time. Gold: 4 active reservations at a time. Silver: 2 active reservations at a time.
  • Can friends or family use my reservation?
    No. For liability reasons, all friends and family members must be accompanied by a club member.
  • Can I have alcohol on board a club boat?
    While we do allow alcohol on board club boats, we do NOT allowing boating under the influence. Members must understand that using alcohol, drugs and certain prescription medications may impair the ability to operate a boat safely. Members are not permitted operate a boat or allow anyone else to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Operating a club boat while impaired is unsafe, illegal, and grounds for termination of membership.
  • Can I beach the boat or PWC?
    No. We do not allow beaching of boats or PWCs because is causes expensive damages to propellors and interiors of the vessels. Please keep in mind, evidence of beaching will incur damage fees. Definition: Beaching is the process in which a boat or PWC is laid ashore, or grounded deliberately in shallow water.
  • Can I have dogs on club boats?
    We allow dogs on pontoon and tritoon boats ONLY. Unfortunately, bilge pumps on ski boats can become easily damaged by pet hair. Also, with ski boats having faster speed capabilities and sudden turns, we find that pets can easily damage upholstry and therefore they are not permitted on any of our ski boats. You are responsible for any damages caused by your pets.
  • How do I pay for gas after my reservation?
    During hours of operation, please pay for gas down at the docks. After hours, gas will be charged the next day to the card we have on file.
  • What are Lake Effects Team Values?
  • Am I able to purchase in-store items with my card on-file?
    Since it is a seperate system, in store items are not able to be purchased with card on-file.
  • Can I keep a boat overnight at my dock?
    Yes, as long as you have the next morning reservation for the same boat. You must also let a team member know ahead of time.
  • Do I have to pay for damages?
    Yes. You are responsible any and all damages that occur to club boats, PWCs and watersports equipment while they are in your possesion. Our team inspects club boats and equipment regularly between reservations to ensure that they are in excellent condition when they leave our docks. We also note and document any damages that have occured during a reservation so that the appropriate member can be contacted. Failure to pay damages may result in membership being put on hold until damages are paid and/or cancellation of membership. The most common damage occurred is the bimini top on bridges and prop damage. Remember your responsible for your vessel when its in your care!
  • Can I borrow equipment and life jackets without a boat reservation?
    Unfortunately, no. Our priority is to ensure that our club members taking a boat out on a reservation have access to watersports equipment and life jackets. In order to prevent shortages for members, the use of watersports equipment, life jackets, and gear is specifically reserved for going out on a club boat reservation only.
  • When can I upgrade or downgrade my membership level?
    You may at any point upgrade your membership and pay the additional membership upgrade fee. Your new monthly rate will start on the next billing cycle and will require a 12 month commitment at that level. If you choose, you may downgrade after your 12 month commitment has been satisfied. There is no cost to downgrade, however if you wish to upgrade to a differnece level in the future, you will have to pay the upgrade fee.
  • Who can utilize my membership?
    Your household (you and your spouse) have access to unlimited usage. However, other family members are not permitted to use a boat even if they live with you. For liability reasons, friends and family MUST be accompanied by a person who is on the membership and has signed the membership agreement.
  • Can I use the boat club year round?
    Of course! We keep our pontoons, tritoons, and ourboard ski boats in the water year round for you to enjoy! During daylight savings time, our evening slot is removed due to dark lighting conditions and cold water. Please keep in mind, we reduce our staff in the off season, so if you need to get ahold of us, please text us at 704-360-5177 or email
  • Can I transfer my membership to another individual?
    Your membership is non-transferable. We do not permit members to transfer their contract to someone else's name at any time during their 12 month agreement. Should you choose to discontinue your membership, it will be at the conclusion of your agreement.
  • Are there additonal rules I need to be aware of?
    Yes. Members are expected to abide by marina rules and regulations as well as North Carolina state laws at all times. Members are also expected to follow instruction of Lake Effects team members when asked to abide by these regulations. A more detailed list of marina rules are available at the marina upon request. State laws are available from NC Wild Life: Failure to abide by marina rules and regulations and/or North Carolina state laws is grounds for termination of membership.
  • Safety of passengers
    Members must make sure all passengers each have a properly fitted and properly adjusted U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket and know how to put it on. My passengers and I should wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket at all times when boating.
  • Children on board
    Members should assign one responsible adult to keep track of the whereabouts and safety of each child on board. Members are responsible for ensuring that life jackets fit properly. Life jackets sized for adults are unsafe for children. Children 13 and younger are required to wear a life jacket at all times.
  • Crossing path of another boat
    When crossing the path of another boat, I should yield to the boat on my right, (starboard).
  • Threat of collision
    If there is the threat of a collision, it is my responsibility to slow down, steer away and/or stop. - IF I OR THE OTHER BOAT FAIL TO ACT - When I meet another boat head-on I should steer to the right (starboard).
  • Passing a boat on the water
    When I overtake another boat I should pass on the left (port) side, leave plenty of room, and yield (give way) to that boat. If conditions require it, I may pass on the right (starboard) side.
  • Yield to sailboats, paddleboards and kayaks"
    I understand that I must yield (give way) to all boats under sail.
  • Boats have no brakes
    A motored boat is powerful, and that it may be easy to lose control if I go too fast, turn too quickly, or encounter the wake of another boat. A boat has no brakes, I understand that stopping quickly is difficult or impossible – especially if I am going too fast.
  • No Wake Zones
    Members are required to obey No Wake zones/signs. This means operating the boat so that there is no wave produced behind the boat. Members should not operate any boat at speeds that are unsafe for the conditions.
  • Lake Patrol | Laws of Lake Norman
    All members and boat operaters are required to have knowledge of and follow the laws of Lake Norman. Always be respectful of Lake Patrol officers and comply with their requests while out on the water. Members are responsible for any tickets or sitations given to them by Lake Patrol. You are always welcome to text our team at 704-360-5177 if you have questions.
  • Towing water sports
    Those engaged in tow sports – including waterskiing, tubing, and wakeboarding – are not safe in the water unless they are at least 30 feet behind this boat when the motor is in gear. Members should properly stow all tow sport equipment, especially tow lines, before starting the engine. Improperly stowed tow lines, rafts, and tubes can be caught by the wind and cause injuries to boat operators and passengers.
  • It takes "three to ski""
    Members should understand that “it takes three to ski” and will only use a club boat for tow sports when there is a lookout in addition to the boat operator. Members should make sure that there is a lookout other than the boat operator whenever passengers or parts of the boat obstruct the operator’s view.
  • Always wear a life jacket
    Members are required to ensure that those engaged in tow sports wear a properly fitting and properly adjusted U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Passengers 13 and younger are required by law to wear a life jacket at all times. All members and guests should wear a life jacket at all times, especially when swimming in the water or being towed on watersport equipment.
  • In an emergency
    Call 911! There are emergency responders on the lake. Always be prepared in the case of a person overboard, collision, or other dangerous situation. You are provided with an emergency throw cushion behind the drivers seat. This should be used if someone has gone overboard or is in need of assistance in the water. After contacting 911 in an emergency situtation, text our team at 704-360-5177 so that we can assist you.
  • Cut off engine | "Kill Switch""
    All club boats are equipped with a "kill switch" that will cut off the engine in case of an emergency. You can find the kill switch by locating the red coiled lanyard, pull the switch to cut the engine.
  • No passengers on the bow or swim platform
    Members should understand that under Federal and/or State law it is a crime to operate a boat while persons are sitting on the front (bow), sides (gunwales), rear (stern), or swim platform. This behavior is considered grossly negligent operation of a boat.
  • Boating under the influence
    Memebers understand that using alcohol, drugs and certain prescription medications may impair my ability to operate a boat safely. Members will not operate a boat or allow anyone else to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Operating a club boat while impaired is unsafe, illegal, and grounds for termination of membership.
  • Swimming, diving, sliding & jumping from boat"
    Members will not permit swimming, diving, sliding, or jumping from or near the boat unless the boat motor is turned off, the keys are removed, and they have counted to ten to allow the propeller time to stop spinning. Members will check to make sure that the water is deep enough before allowing head-first diving from the boat. Members must instruct their passengers never to dive or jump off of a moving boat.
  • Hazardous conditions
    Members must be aware of local hazards such as shallow water, submerged objects, currents, shoals and weather conditions. Member is responsible for making safe boating decisions and may contact our team at 704-360-5177 with any questions.
  • Passing Under Bridges !! IMPORTANT
    We highly recommend going under the tallest sides of the highway 150 bridge beside Midway Marina. We do not recommend going under the Eddie's bridge at our Stutts Marina location. A lot of Bimini top and Tower damage occur as the water level fluctuates. It is the member's responsibility to be aware of the current water level at all times.
  • Signal for assistance
    Five short blasts of a horn or whistle signal danger or need for assistance while on the water. Always contact our team via text if you need assistance: 704-360-5177
  • Boaters Safety Course
    It is recommended that all members take a safe boating course approved by NASBLA through the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, United States Power Squadrons® and online courses. This will help with the understanding of lake laws and boat safety. More information is available at
  • Carbon Monoxide & Boats
    The motor of a boat produces Carbon Monoxide, a colorless, odorless, and lethal gas that can quickly affect people in the awareness zone. Do not idle for extended periods of time with the motor running.
  • Awarenes Zone
    There is an awareness zone that includes the front (bow), sides (gunwales), rear (stern) and swim platform, and extends 30 feet behind and around this boat. Members should educate all passengers about the awareness zone, and should not allow anyone to enter the awareness zone unless the boat motor is turned off, the keys are removed, and they have counted to ten to allow the propeller time to stop spinning.
  • Stay seated when in motion
    It is best for all passengers to remain seated whenever this boat is in motion. Members should instruct passengers to stay seated and have a firm grip on the boat. Passengers should never to dive or jump off of a moving boat.
  • Overloading a boat
    Club boats have a maximum passenger and weight limit. Members must not exceed that limit. Overloading a boat is unsafe and against the law.
  • Boating after dark
    It is the members responsibility to know how to use the navigation lights and anchor lights on a boat and make sure they work properly before leaving the dock. Navigation lights must be displayed properly if operating at night or when visibility is poor. Docking lights should only be used when pulling into a dock area and not while navigating the lake. Members must not engage in tow sports after dark.
  • How do I update my credit card on file?
    For your monthly payments and gas charges: Simply login to you boat club account and click on the "account" tab. Click on the "update credit card information" link and update your information. For your in-store purchases: We can keep a credit card on file for your store purchases. This information is stored securely and separately from your club account in our shop system (Square). To update your card for store purchases you can call and update over the phone or give us new card information when you come in for your next reservation.
  • How do I cancel a reservation?
    Login to your boat club account. Click on the "reservations" tab. Find the reservation you wish to cancel. Click "edit". Click "cancel this reservation". Click "confirm". You will receive a confirmation in your email. If you have trouble cancelling a reservation, please call or text us at 704-360-5177.
  • Where is my code for the back door?
    Login to your boat club account. Your door code is located under the "account" tab. Please remember: You must enter your code and then press the "a" button (August Logo). Be patient. It can take 20-30 seconds for the door to unlock. If you have trouble with your code, please text us at 704-360-5177 so we can assist you. Door codes will only be active during reservation hours. Door codes are for personal use. Please keep them confidential.
  • How can I reach the Front Desk Team?
    You can call or text us at 704-360-5177. You can also email us at During the winter season, our team works remotely. The fastest way to get in touch is via text or email.
  • How do I check-in for my boat after hours?
    Use your door code to gain access to the back door of the building. Your door code is listed under the account tab. Check in on the iPad Kiosk located on the Member Lounge wall. Print your check in sheet and keep it with you on the boat. Retrieve your key. I will be hanging in the boat club lounge. Secure your boat to the docks upon return. Return boat key to the key drop located in the dock shed door. Please make sure the building is locked when you are not there. Door codes will only be active during reservation hours. Door codes are for personal use. Please keep them confidential.
  • Where is the key drop for after hours?
    Please return your boat key to the key drop located in the shed door at the docks.
  • Where can I find an anchor?
    Anchors are stored underneath one of the front two cushions of the boat. Anchors are not provided on surf boats because of the damages they have caused to the balast bags on board. We do our best to keep anchors available for use on boat club boats, however we are not always notified if one goes missing. If you will require an anchor during your reservation period, please double check that it is present before you leave the docks. Thank you!
  • Do I need fenders for the boat?
    We will provide fenders for you on our club ski boats and surf boats. We highly recommend that you use them when you go to restaurants piers and when securing to the club docks. We do not require the use of fenders on pontoon or tritoon boats. However they will be available to you upon request.
  • How do I secure the boat to the dock?
    If a dock team member is not available, please moor the boat properly to the dock using the following method: For surf boats, please make sure fenders are used properly to protect the boat while it is docked. We do not require the use of fenders on pontoons and tritoons.
  • What is our Club Member to Boat Ratio?
    Our member to boat ratio is approximately 7:1, which provides great opportunity for each member to select the boats they desire.
  • This is my first time using a reservation, what do I need to do?"
    Please check in at the front desk at either location (Midway Marina or Stutts Marina) where our friendly staff will check you in. We will make sure your boat is equipped with all requested items you would like to have on your boat. When you arrive at the docks, simply hand your reservation confirmation paper to our team and they will have your boat clean and ready for you to enjoy your time on Lake Norman!
  • How do I approach and depart from the dock?
    When departing our dock, stay at a very slow idle speed (no wake) until you are approximately 100 yards away from the marina entrance. Make sure you observe and obey all shoal signs an no wake zones under bridges, at marinas and around docks.
  • What watersports do club members have access to?
    Tubes, Waterskis, Kneeboards, Wakeboards, Surfboards Gold and Platinum members also have access to kayaks and paddleboards
  • What happens to availability if a boat is in service?
    Boats take an extreme amount of maintenance and care. We diligently service and clean our boats on a routine basis. However, issues can come up with boats unexpectedly, due to mechanics or operator error. As with any piece of mechanical equipment, there is potential for it to break down or have issues due to operator error. We keep many backup parts in stock for instances like this and do our best to keep repair turnaround time to a minimum. Many times repairs and maintenance go unnoticed by our members. In the unfortunate event that a boat breaks down for any reason, rest assure we will have a backup boat for you to use. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will have an exact boat to match yours on standby, but we will get you out on the water with a clean and well operating boat!
  • How do I get information about upcoming events?
    Email is our primary form of communication to our members. We will send out a monthly newsletter listing any events that we have going on over the year such as membership appreciation barbecues, open house promotions, new boat announcements and social media contests. You can also find up to date club information on our Facebook page:
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